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What Being a Romance Author Means To Me

My decision to become a romance writer has been a huge leap of faith for me. Although my first novel is yet to be published, I have pages of ideas for future novels and every story idea excites me beyond measure. The joy I find in writing is unique and rewarding. To know that others like my work means the world to me.

I also had to decide what kind of romance author I wanted to be. There are different levels of “heat” and I have experimented with all of them. I read all forms of romance, from the innocent to the super steamy and love them all! I choose to write at a medium level: enough spice to keep it real but not so much as to violate my personal beliefs.

As a young girl, I had many crushes. Sometimes it was a neighbor or a classmate, but many times it was the male celebrity I had a poster of on my wall. When I became older, I found the fictional male characters in movies, TV and books to be so intriguing that my imagination ran wild. I began writing my own romance stories in high school, including fan fiction.

There is a unique magic that takes place when a man and woman fall in love. Trying to capture it in words and make it interesting is beyond challenging. As I prepare for the release of my first romance novel, I experience a blend of anxiety and excitement. It will be the realization of a dream that started one night so long ago.

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