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Her journey into adulthood was just beginning.
Then, a vampire hero changed her life forever.
This is Clarabella's story.

The Darkness of Day by S.V. Brosius paranormal protector virgin sweet steamy vampire romance
The Darkness of Day by S.V. Brosius book blurb

*This novel is intended for mature readers and contains

 sexual content, violence and gore.*

"Author S.V. Brosius emerges as a full-blown literary force to be reckoned with in this vampire romance with a twist that holds your attention from beginning to end." - Amazon Reviewer

"This book is a welcome step back from the usual hypersexed vampire tales, focusing instead on the main character's romantic fantasies..." - Amazon reviewer

"The world the author created hooked me right away. The characters and the story are captivating..." - Bookbub reviewer

"The main characters have just the right chemistry--at times loving and sexy, then crackling with tension..." - Amazon reviewer


COUNTRY ROADS (a grumpy/sunshine opposites attract romance set in the farm lands of Kansas - Coming late 2023)

RED LANDS BOOK ONE AND TWO (a love triangle sci-fi fantasy romance - Coming 2024)

BLUE FIRE (a sci-fi fantasy romance - Coming 2024)

UNTITLED (a vampire romance set in the Darkness of Day universe - Coming 2025)

and many more...


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