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The Calm Before the Storm

I love the fall season! I look forward to it every year. I enjoy wearing jackets and boots, baking pumpkin pie, making my special's a time to feel alive! However, I will be much busier this season than in the past. In addition to my day job, I will be taking on a small part-time bookkeeping gig as well as continuing my writing. Add in the normal family stuff and other activities with friends, as well as a book launch on October 6 (Duality pre-order coming soon) - I will be a busy lady (happily busy - I don't like to be idle too long)!

Kindle Vella has turned out to be a rewarding experience for me as a writer. I didn't know what to expect going into it. Not only am I thoroughly enjoying the story I'm writing, I have had the pleasure to read from several other talented authors and discovered a supportive and nurturing community. I have joined several groups on Facebook devoted to Kindle Vella and work hard to maintain a presence on each one. I have an idea for a second story that would work well with this format. I'll start sharing once I get more details worked out in my head! It will be paranormal and revolve around a family or group of companions. Soap opera drama is what I'm hoping to create.

This week is truly the calm before the storm. In my mind, a storm isn't always a bad thing. A lot will happen in a short amount of time, causing some stress. However, it will be worth it in the end to tie up loose ends and clear a path for new opportunities.

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