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First Steps

It is a bit surreal seeing my first novel in print. I recently received my proof copy of The Darkness of Day in the mail and have to admit that I squealed a little. Danced a little. Stopped breathing a little. Thankfully, my dogs were the only ones around to see my unusual behavior! Once I calmed down and took a good look at the book, I quickly noticed some errors and was so relieved that I took the time to order the proof copy. My corrected copy is en route to me and I am crossing my fingers that it is all good.

Getting the pre-order kindle copy ready to go wasn't too bad but it was hectic as i scrambled to start promoting and getting my ARC team together. The paperback version was an entirely different story. I ran into lots of editing issues and spent many hours trying to fix the formatting problems.

As of now, I have 2 positive Goodreads reviews and must wait patiently until my book is live on Amazon before my ARC team can post their reviews there.

My next author event is in a few days and I plan to read from my novel. Am I good at speaking in front of a group of people? Not really. I get nervous and spend a lot of energy trying to keep my composure. Am I excited to share my work? Yes!

I have several WIPs and cannot wait to see which one I complete next.

Here's to...hopefully...a successful book launch!

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