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Everyday Life

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

I asked one of my younger followers what she thought I should write about in my next blog. She said that readers like to know more about the everyday lives of their favorite authors. It adds a level of relatability, it seems. goes!


Every day for me must begin with a cup of coffee. I drink dark roast with liquid creamer and Splenda. What is my favorite thing to eat for breakfast on the go? Donuts. Not the most healthy choice, but give me some sweet fried bread and I'm a happy camper.

During the week, I go to work as an office manager/bookkeeper for a wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies. It's a laid back office environment that allows me the flexibility I need and the independence I crave. All my coworkers, save one, are men. We are just one big extended family and share plenty of laughs while working hard to take care of our customers.


My evenings and weekends are different every week, with the exception of Wednesday night choir practice and Sunday morning church. I make it 90% of the time. My husband is the music director and we are blessed to be involved with a loving church family.

My teenage son works most evenings, so I try to snag some quality time with him when I can. My teenage daughter is involved with dance and music, but since she doesn't have her own car yet, I get to drive her around and spend quality time with her that way. My husband and I try to have regular date nights by going out to eat at a restaurant or staying home and watching a movie. We both like sci-fi/fantasy and superhero films. Our latest thing has been watching the Marvel TV series we missed a few years ago, starting with Daredevil. We are currently in the middle of Iron Fist.

Every other Friday night is girls night with my besties. Do we go clubbing? No. We go eat and have one adult beverage. Then, we go shopping. Lately, we go to the grocery store together. I know...we party hard! LOL.

Saturday is the only day of the week I get to sleep in. I usually don't have anything scheduled so I can take my time getting around, savor my breakfast and coffee in my jammies, and read. Household chores are a necessary evil on the weekends. Cooking and baking are my favorite household tasks and I create meals whenever I can.


I do volunteer work for our local PBS affiliate on occasion and run a monthly moms group through our church. The rest of my free time is dedicated to writing and marketing my books. I'm on social media every day and am constantly coming up with ideas for my projects. I read a lot and have 2-3 books going at all times: one audiobook and usually an ebook and/or paperback. Yes, I mainly read romance novels. All heat levels. All subgenres. Occasionally, I enjoy celebrity biographies/memoirs.


Well, that is my everyday life in a nutshell. I hope you have a fun-filled summer!

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