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Uncharted Waters

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

2021 has been challenging and grueling. It has presented me with unpleasant surprises and new opportunities for growth. I am in the query process of finding a literary agent for my first novel THE DARKNESS OF DAY. My experiences thus far with marketing my poetry books myself have been difficult and costly. In the event I am unable to obtain a literary agent to represent me, then I will self-publish my first novel. There are many of my devoted fans eagerly awaiting my debut book and I do not plan to disappoint. I will attend my first book signing event next month. I'm not sure what to expect but I will be there with eager anticipation!

Going into the holiday season presents uncharted territory for me. It will be my first without my mother. I am grateful for my family now more than ever. New traditions and new decorations sprout hope that I will make merry during the feasts of Thanksgiving and Christmas. My mother wanted me to be successful and obtain the kind of happiness that she could never experience, despite her best efforts.

My WIPs are finally getting my attention. I have dusted off some old ideas in the hopes of giving them new life. A surge of excitement runs through me at the thought of creating adventures for the heroes and heroines of my yet-to-be-written books!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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