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The Ferris Wheel of Life

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

My grandmother enjoyed the Ferris wheel. I remember sitting next to her as the ride brought us up as high as we could go, then back down again. I reveled in the anticipation of the wheel halting at the very top, just so I could see the entire amusement park from my vantage point and try to spot the rest of the family. It also gave Grandma and I an opportunity to study the moon: our favorite object in the night sky. Bright lights, lively music, and the smell of popcorn permeated the ambiance. The feeling of endless possibilities and a slightly cool breeze made the evening perfect for a young girl like me.

The realization that my life has been like a Ferris wheel struck me as I worked away in my office the other day. Every spoke of the giant wheel has led to a different life experience for me. Some of the spokes represent the different fields I have worked in: some independently and some with a team. Just like riding the Ferris wheel: sometimes you ride with someone and sometimes you ride alone. One car would be shiny, new, and spotless, representing an up and coming new business, whereas another would be rusty and old with a ripped seat, representing a dilapidated building with an elderly boss that still ran things "old school." Other spokes represent my relationships with my friends, my family, and my significant others. Every spoke that makes up my Ferris wheel is who I am. As tempting as it is to forget about the not-so-great moments or the not-so-great people, it would be as if I were attempting to remove one "car." It would throw the entire balance off and fall apart.

Have you ever felt like just getting off the ride? I know I have. The ride operator never seems to notice when you've been on longer than you wanted, or when you haven't been on long enough and are forced to vacate your seat. The best part of the Ferris Wheel is that it doesn't stay in the same position for long. Being down is temporary and eventually you make it to the top again. You just have to stay on the ride.

It was easy to mistake other people as being the operator of my Ferris wheel. It was really God who was operating it all along, but letting me have the controls once in a while for good measure! Trusting God with your Ferris wheel isn't easy but so worth it when your wheel stays balanced and runs smoothly, even during the low times.

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