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The Balancing Act

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Inspiration comes and goes. If I'm fortunate enough to be within reach of my trusty laptop, I can start working on the idea right away. Like most days, I'm either at work, or driving, or running errands when a scene will pop into my head. I am truly thankful for the Notes app on my iphone so I can jot down ideas as they come. If I'm driving, I can talk to Siri and he'll do it for me! I love listening to males with accents, so I currently have Siri as a British male and I enjoy asking him to do things for me.

Being resourceful is a valuable skill that I have learned over the years. From supporting my husband when he puts in long hours, taking care of my two children, keeping the house semi-clean, maintaining the laundry and cooking, and working more than forty hours a week, I know how important it is to squeeze in some "me" time. Learning how to schedule when necessary, but still be open to those spontaneous date nights or family outings is part of being resourceful. I try to be prepared for either. I think mothers are naturally inclined to bring more than what may be necessary, just in case. There were plenty of times when going out in public with my children I thanked my lucky stars that I was resourceful enough to pack an extra set of clothes, a pack of snacks, etc.

My "me" time includes my writing. There is nothing like taking your mind to a completely different world, whether it's only for a few minutes or a few hours. However, the great thing about balancing work, family life, and writing is that I tend to find inspiration more often and in more ways. I live a very full life, but it sure is a blessed life.

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