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Good Enough?

I'm in the final round of edits for my first paranormal romance novel "The Darkness of Day." My book cover is being designed by a talented artist that I've known for many years and everything is on schedule for a December 2022 release!

My editor is reading my latest changes, so I wait with an anxious heart and hope that I successfully fixed some of the issues with the last draft. Is my novel good enough to be successful? Is it the best story I can possibly create for these particular characters? Is their character development good enough? I suppose I could edit this story forever and still find things I could improve upon. When I think about how many years I've spent working on this story, I look forward to the moment we decide it is ready to publish and it is as good as it's going to get.

I am still reading constantly and watching football. I joined a fantasy football league for beginners and am doing surprisingly well! There's nothing like watching an exciting game and cheering as loud as you can for your team! I also stay busy attending concerts and other events for my kids. They are becoming awesome human beings and I couldn't be more proud.

As always, I appreciate my readers so much and am grateful for those who have supported my poetry books. I have another idea swirling around in my brain for the next one, not to mention the many other novel ideas I plan to work on once "The Darkness of Day" is completed.

Enjoy this autumn season!

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