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A Little Me Time

I’ve heard it is healthy to slow down once in a while. So, I did. I’d been pushing myself pretty hard for so long. Work. Household chores. Writing. Marketing. Family. Instead of my usual frantic feeling of trying to get as much done in one day as possible, I focused on one, sometimes two tasks at a time. Now that I have returned to a busier pace of life, I feel refreshed and am glad I took the time to slow down for a while.

I still plan to release my first novel before the end of this year. One way or another. I am enjoying the small writing projects I have taken on lately and am grateful for the opportunities I have been given.

My wonderful friend and illustrator has become available again and is working on the next project with me! I can’t wait to share it with you when it is ready!

My third poetry book is almost finished and the short story I wrote last year will be published in an anthology very soon!

Happy Easter!

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