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Explore the power and emotion of nature's most diverse element: water. Raindrops, snowflakes, oceans, or ice...we can see reflections of ourselves in this Water Colored World. The author embraces and ruminates on the following topics:
- Romance and Love
- Sadness and Pain
- Joy and Hope
- Fear and Uncertainty

Beautifully illustrated and printed on Full Color High Quality pages


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Earthbound Journeys Illustrated Edition is here! This beautiful full-color edition features a new cover and illustrations by Patty Ringgenberg! Available for kindle and paperback.

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Earthbound Journeys
1st Place Poetry Winner
2022 Stellar Book Awards



"My first collection, published last year, was a lifetime of experiences and daydreams in chronological order, with a touch of cosmic flare.  This follow-up collection continues my journey, reflecting on life experiences with a few new daydreams that fire my imagination.  I sincerely hope you enjoy it and I thank you for reading!"

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On Her Side of the Cosmos: A Collection of Poetry and Musings



This collection spans a lengthy period of my life, beginning in high school and into my busy days of being a wife and mother.  My motivation has been to explore my fascination with the universe and the relevance of human emotions to it.  I sincerely hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading!"

The Darkness of Day


The Darkness of Day is the story of Clarabella Moore, a college student with very little confidence and a lifetime of unresolved fears. She is rescued one evening by a handsome vampire named Chasis Serrano, a member of a secret vampire organization dedicated to protecting the innocent and searching for a cure that will lead them back into the light. A sizzling attraction develops, awakening her deepest desires, but dredges up his dark and deadly past.


   Dream manipulation, magical items, not-so-pleasant foes and a mysterious sorceress are just a few of the supernatural elements young Clarabella is faced with as she pursues a relationship with the hero of her dreams. He fights his very nature to be with her. She fights her self-doubt and fears to be with him. In this coming-of-age tale of faith discovery and dark desires, will they be able to have the life they want someday?

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